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David Rychlý



Few informations about me

I work on position of Frontend Web Developer at the company Bootiq s.r.o.
I have studied one semester of bachelor study program Information Technology on the Faculty of Information Technology of Brno University of Technology.
I have graduated of the Mechanical engineering with a focus on industrial design at The Secondary Technical School of Mechanical Engineering, Olomouc.

I am an enthusiast in webdesign & development and computer graphics.

What I do?

My interests are mostly around computers, but I hope I am not behaving like complete airhead because of it .

Graphics design

I am interested in graphic design.

3D graphics

I am making 3D graphics a little.

Industrial design

I studied Mechanical engineering with a focus on industrial design at SPŠSOL.

Website design & development

I deal with website development & design for several years.

Android apps

I am coding apps for Android.

IT services

I am glad to help anybody with IT stuff.

3D print

I can help you with your 3D prints.



    Please, select your desired part of my portfolio.

Contact me

I am very glad to discuss with you something, what bothering you or help you with anything, there is no problem to deal with you on almost anything .