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Dear visitors of my website,
as you may have noticed, there has recently started showing an annoying stripe not only on our site that wants you to agree to some information about cookies. This page will try to explain what it is and what it actually means to you.

Ultrashort explanation

Click on "I understand" and everything stays the same for you, nothing changes.

Short explanation

Due to the more strict EU legislation aimed at increasing the protection of personal data, as a site operator using cookies, I must ask you to consent to their use. That's why I do it. To use my website, click "I understand". If you do not want to use the cookies, I am sorry but you can not longer use my website.

Broader explanation

First article, what even these cookies are.

Legislation of the EU for cookies usage, article on the site of the European Commission.

What cookies do I use?

Only those I need for the functioning of my website and its functions. I do not collect any business information or monitor you and I consider your personal data to be inviolable.