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Dear visitors of my website,
as you have surely noticed, lately, an annoying stripe has appeared, not only on my website, that calls you to agree on some cookie information. This page will try to explain what it is about and what it means to you.

Ultrashort explanation

Click on "I understand" and everything will remain for you like in the old times, nothing will change.

Short explanation

Due to the tightening of EU legislation on enhanced personal data protection, as a owner of website which uses cookies, I have to ask you to consent to using them. That's why I do this. To use my site, click on "I Understand". If you don't consent, I'm sorry but can't continue to use my site.

More detailed explanation

Firts, an article about what are even this cookies

European Union legislation on cookies use, article on the European Commission website

What cookies do I use?

Only the ones that I need for the functioning of this website and its functions. I don't collect any business informations, I don't follow you and I regard your personal data as inviolable.